Packaging Design


Selling a product is a challenge in our world. Selling a product in an emerging industry that people still have a lot of questions about is approximately 10x harder (actually, we made that number up, but it's a hell of a lot tougher - honestly). But who doesn't love a good challenge?

CytoCX, a CBD product line made organically with all natural and effective ingredients, needed to invest in their packaging design, product photography, and sales materials in order to increase their ecommerce and retail footprint. Huumanize collaborated with the CytoCX team to increase the companies awareness amongst their target audiences, create systems for their packaging rollout, and consolidate all sales materials into one cohesive digital catalog.

A Heightened Creative System Was Produced:

1. Brand Strategy

2. Product Photography

3. Digital Marketing

4. Packaging Design

5. Sales Kits

The solution to the hurdles that CytoCX faced included the implementation of a creative system to communicate consistency across all products CytoCX had and planned to rollout in the coming years. From oils, edibles, creams, and other soon to be released products, the system had to be able to evolve for future growth.

With a Huumanize x CytoCX collaboration, the future looks bright.

What the Huumans Did:

— Collaborated with Products team to create a package design system

— Refined the Sales team 'kits' for expansion into new markets

— Developed email marketing designs for increased reach

— Enhanced product photography

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