Lucid Hotel Group

Brand & Digital Design


Lucid Hotel Group is a Hospitality, Development & Management Company that strives to deliver extraordinary guest experiences and rewarding returns to their shareholders. LHG was established in 2021 and needed a guide to help establish their brand and digital presence. Highly experienced in their industry, LHG needed a mark that represented their years of experience running their company.

Sounds like a job for the Huumans!

The Huuman Difference:

1. Brand & Storytelling

2. Website

Sturdy. Transparent. Fearless. The leaders of Lucid Hotel Group knew the attributes they associated with their company - now it was time to show those to the rest of the world.

After throwing around hundreds of sketches and ideas, we came to their iconic pyramid shape. With these structures withstanding thousands of years of erosion, pyramids have become a universal symbol of everlasting strength. The L and H inside the border of the logo are leaning on one another to show unity within the company, with the G surrounding them to symbolize the client journey with Lucid - ultimately leaving them with a solid foundation.

The blend of warm and cool colors were specifically chosen to symbolize harmony and day vs. night, signaling that the leaders at LGH will do what it takes to get their job done right and leaving clients with a sense of pride and excitement about their partnership.

To ensure Lucid Hotel Group's new logo could be applied to multiple assets, we designed it to include a few different versions and included a style guide with future directions for optimal use and to maintain brand consistency.

Lucid Hotel Group, Huumanized:

— New Logo Deck & Style Guide

— Developed Consistent Messaging and Visual Architecture

— Targeted Copywriting

Let's explore!