Moment Development

Brand & Digital Design


Moment Development is a bespoke real estate development company with a focus on mixed-use retail, hospitality, office, and residential development opportunities. Fueled by ideals of personal freedom and mindfulness, the name Moment Development urges those who work with the company to stay present and seize opportunities as they come - to truly live in the Moment.

The Huuman Difference:

1. Brand & Storytelling

2. Layout Design

3. Website

4. Social Media

5. Photography & Video

Founder Ohm Patel had a vision for his logo, inspired by the Fourth Chakra Anahata (which translates to "unstruck sound"). The spiral shape of this chakra represents the flow of energy through the heart and is associated with giving and receiving love and joy, thus driving thought, emotion, and spirituality. This is a symbol of the commitment that Moment has to their clients and the authentic culture of the business.

The vibratory color of the fourth chakra is Green, also known as the color of health. It promotes healing and the feeling of contentment while connecting us to nature and promoting environmental sustainability.

To ensure this logo could be applied to multiple assets, we designed it to include a few different versions. Similarly, the architecture of Moment Development's overall brand was designed to easily introduce new branches of the company, including construction and investments.

Huumanized Moments:

— New Logo Deck & Style Guide

— Created Consistent Messaging and Visual Architecture

— Targeted Copywriting

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