TIDL Sport

Content Production


When it was time for sports recovery startup TIDL Sport to ramp up their brand presence in North America and beyond, they partnered with Huumanize to get it done right. Our team provided creative and marketing services to assist in TIDL Sport's product expansion into major retailers in the United States and Europe. From pitch decks for investors and distributors to digital marketing campaigns and package design, TIDL Sport needed a lot of campaign assets for this expansion to be a success.

The work was cut out for us.

See the Huuman Touch In:

1. Brand Strategy

2. Content Production

3. Digital Marketing Automation

4. Social Media Campaigns

5. AR Filters

6. Paid Media Ads

TIDL Sport went from a small startup with locations in LA, Eugene, OR, and Chicago to a globally recognized brand, largely due to the announcement in 2021 that Conor McGregor was coming on board as a co-owner and brand ambassador. This major development sent their creative and marketing strategies into overdrive: both organic and paid traffic for TIDL Sport expanded rapidly, which meant we had to grow and scale just as quickly to support the increase in asset demand. We got right to work and created deliverables on the daily for the startup, from event campaigns to the launching of new products. Good thing the Huumans love a challenge!

What the Huumans Did:

— Created consistency and systems in all product packaging

— Developed business and brand strategy to attract investors and distributors

— Assisted in the brand awareness across digital and social channels

— Created brand experiences for global markets

— Provided data and insights to drive better business decisions

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