Huuman Academy: Copywriting

July 15, 2022

Huuman Academy: Copywriting

Samantha DeVries, Huumanize Social + Content Manager

What is Copywriting?

Copywriting refers to words in that are written specifically and strategically for a specific marketing or sales purpose. The purpose is to persuade, inform, and bring about sales or conversions. 

What Makes it Great?

The best copywriting starts with a hook, shares information about something will benefit others, and ends with a Call to Action (CTA), which tells people what to do after that they have read all about it. 

In order to start with a bang and end with a purpose, your business needs to first know its audience. Hone in on your target demographic and learn all about them. Start by asking yourself, “Who are are we selling to?” and build a profile (or three) from there. 

Pro tip: Never guess or let the person you pay to write the copy answer this for you.

Do your research and find out what your audience wants. Do a deep dive on social media and let Google be your best friend. Offering a product or service doesn’t mean people will automatically want it. You have to channel that want and show how what you offer can benefit a person or their community directly. Think of what you have to offer, be it information, instruction, or goods, as solutions for a better life. 

What are the Major Types of Copywriting?

Brand Copywriting

Nike’s “Just Do It.” tagline is an iconic example of brand copywriting. This type of copywriting communicates everything about a brand — its values, vision, and message. Think of it like storytelling that’s less about sales and more about resonating with an audience to build trust and lead the way.

Marketing Copywriting

Think of the commercials that you hear on radio and TV, the flyers that you see around town, or the billboards that you drive by on your way to work. Those are carefully crafted by copywriters to drive sales. Similar to direct response copywriting (that stirs up FOMO for limited-time offers), this type of copywriting is backed by a lot of psychology.

SEO Copywriting

When you increase the search engine rank of your web content, your audience can easily find you online. SEO copywriters are part magician and part researcher, specially trained to find the keywords, tags, and more to attract customers.

Social Media Copywriting

Business social media is very different from what might write on someone’s personal social media. These messages are created directly for audiences. There are also nuances and rules to follow for each specific platform.

Email Copywriting

Behind every great email newsletter is a writer who had practiced for hours to write subject lines that engage, descriptive content that informs, and CTA buttons that make you want to, well, take action.

Technical Copywriting

This type of copywriting gets a bum rap of being dry or methodical. Without it, the world wouldn’t have content to help us do something mechanical (assemble furniture), high-tech (use a laptop), or scientific (bake a pie).

Public Relations Copywriting

Finally, this type of copywriting is meant to connect a business to the media and, in turn, the general public. From press releases and CEO speeches to the story behind corporate initiatives, this writing informs in a concise way.

Now you know what copywriting is, what makes it great, and a little about the major types, are you ready to Huumanize your copywriting? 

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