Huuman Academy: A Simple Guide for Designing Brochures

December 7, 2022

So you want to design a brochure? Excellent decision, especially since brochures are one of the most influential pieces of marketing collateral. They are cost-conscious, versatile, a breeze to distribute, and get the job done when you need to inform customers about services or products. Below is our simple guide to help you successfully design a brochure:

Prep Your Contents

Having a plan is the best way to begin when creating a brochure. No matter who you’re working with, either yourself or a client, start with a document that outlines what needs to go in the brochure. Use this document to gather the elements — an introduction, details about the business, products, services, promotions, contact information, etc. Short on ideas? Check out your website and social media channels for inspiration. 

Get Inspired with Design Research

Once you know what you want to feature in the brochure, switch to thinking about its design. Decide what size and fold you want the brochure to be. There are plenty of options, from the standard letter-sized 8.5” x 11” and the pocket-sized 4” x 2.25”, to a myriad of folds, from the traditional tri-fold and half-fold to a Z-fold or gate fold. 

Go on websites like Pinterest or do a quick Google search to see what other designers are doing. Look at the overall composition, and do not get stuck on one particular design. Use elements from each to create your own. It’s always a good idea to save some of these designs for future reference in case you get stuck later on or need some inspiration.

Pay particular attention to the presentation of fonts, spacing, use of negative space, and images. Depending on your content, you may need more real estate for the visuals needed for the brochure. Take some time to appreciate the differences in your design inspirations. Note how adding too much information on the panels can crowd the design, and think about what appeals to your eye and which you would want to pick up and read. 

Build It!

The best way to approach any brochure design is one panel at a time. Start with the cover page of your brochure and then envision the other panels depending on the fold type that you have chosen. Take a blank piece of paper to make the tucks and creases, then grab a pencil (and eraser!) so you can begin to sketch out what could go where in the brochure. 

For a tri-fold brochure, consider these tips while building:

  • Elements that go nicely on a cover are your company name, tagline, logo, images of your service or product, and brief contact details. 
  • The inside flap is the next panel a person will see once they open the cover. This area is the perfect place to put an introduction or facts about a product or service. 
  • The inside of a tri-fold brochure works similarly to a spread. You can design it as an open and fanned-out canvas or neatly section things according to the fold lines. Both can be equally eye-catching.
  • The back panel is the go-to place to add more in-depth contact information, calls to action, or quotes. It’s also the panel that can be adapted so a brochure can be mailed without an envelope. 

Remember, a design can look fantastic, but it won’t truly work if you don’t incorporate the branding elements of your business. Sample the colors from your brand guide or logo, and ensure that the imagery harkens back to the overall feel you’re trying to communicate about your business. Choose an easy-to-read font, like a serif or sans serif, and keep in mind to use a QR code to lead people back to the digital home of a business. 

If you hit a creative roadblock, go back to your design inspirations for ideas. Simple and uncluttered is always in fashion, so lead with a logo and some imagery related to your brand. Stick to the basics, and the rest will fall into place!

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