Huuman Academy: Web 3.0 & Metaverse

September 21, 2022

What is Web 3.0?

The current version of the internet is Web 2.0. It means we’re all interconnected through hyperlinks. Smartphones, wireless internet, and social media networks helped us level up when looking for resources online. User-generated content, apps, and e-commerce are possible today because of what we created in the past two decades.

Web 3.0 refers to the next chapter of the internet. It will be more disruptive and less centralized. That means less typing HTTP, using more smart devices in our everyday lives, and the possible demise of data giants like Google, Apple, and Meta. Users will have better control and ownership of their data and have more chances to write their code. People will basically have their own little piece of the internet to call home.

How does Web 3.0 Work?

Web 3.0 will be a place where machine learning and artificial intelligence are a prime focus. Computers will become faster, and they will mimic how humans learn. One of Web 3.0’s goals is to help us make more progress in the tech and science fields. For now, imagine planning a vacation, and AI can do it for you instead of spending hours researching flights, places to stay, and other itinerary lines. 

Web 3.0 will be an internet that runs on public blockchains, the record-keeping technology best known for facilitating cryptocurrency transactions. A blockchain is a distributed database shared among the nodes of a peer-to-peer computer network and decentralized applications called dApps. However, the legal and regulatory risks of this new space overshadow what it could offer. Misinformation, cybercrime, and hate speech will become even harder to control. 

What is the Metaverse?

Web 3.0 is also known as the Spatial Web. It’s a place that can blend our physical and digital lives together into a three-dimensional world. The idea isn’t new, thanks to science fiction writers, virtual reality machines, and Minecraft universes. How we interact with it comes off the page and through mixed reality headsets that could replace our smartphones. 

The Metaverse is the virtual reality vision of Mark Zuckerberg. It’s a place where users can interact with one another in ways once considered the stuff of daydreams just a decade ago. Meta, which changed its name from Facebook in June 2022, is building a virtual world for us. The new company logo is an infinity loop, a symbol of endless possibilities in what Zuckerberg hopes will become infinite universes. 

The Metaverse is like Second Life or World of Warcraft but built on blockchain systems and open-source standards. People can create avatars that look like them, build their dream homes, shop for their go-to brands, attend a concert of their favorite band, and do anything they can in 2-D life. 

Tokens, NFTs, virtual land, it’s all part of the Metaverse, though public opinion still seems to be out. When it comes to the quality of the virtual world’s graphics and trust in a big company like Meta to create a Web 3.0 community when they had trouble doing it in Web 2.0 is keeping many people from seeing its full potential. Grab a headset and see for yourself. The future is on its way!

Ron Sheth, Huumanize Founder & Connector

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